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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Network Marketing-Feeder Matrix is all too easy

 Being involved with Network Marketing and not connected to the right company can cause you a lot of grief. This is why this opportunity called Feeder Matrix is easy as 1,2, 3! If you can count from one to eight then you are all set!

Have you heard about Feeder Matrix?

What is it all about and why is it so easy?

Feeder Matrix is the "cash leveraging" program with a forced matrix structure.

The FeederMatrix uses a 4 by 4 force matrix system. That means that your down line can contain, at most, 4 levels with the “width” of each level consisting of 4 persons. Any additional referrals from you will spillover/spill under to others in your down line (or up line). The payment plan for FeederMatrix is split into 2 stages. The payment amount that you can send or receive depends on both the stage and the level. 

Watch this 7 minute video

What makes Feeder Matrix easy is that you can make an offer to anyone and they can not refuse. The low start up cost is INSANE! This is the offer that works like a charm every time.

Do You Know ANYONE Else Who Would Spend $1.75 to turn it into $100K in 60 to 120 Days with NO Gimmicks?

Since I found this POWERFUL & LIFE CHANGING program and it is changing lives as I speak  I have experienced REAL results with just using my computer and cell phone. It is making an amazing impact because the start up cost is JUST $1.75 and is leveraged to $100,00.00.

Now if for some reason you are skeptical then you need to check this out. Click here. 

IMPORTANT information to read. Visit here. 


Let's make better lives for our families and show others how to fish!

Come JOIN me and you will be all set!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Network Marketing-Cash Made Easy

Why Feeder Matrix? What is it?

A ticket price of JUST $1.75

You will get instant payments into your
Paypal, Solid Trust Pay, and Payza
accounts in increments of
$5, $10, $20, $40, $80, $160 and $320
Listen to this real testimony from a Feeder Matrix member

7 Min. Video Explaining The Program

Overview call
PIN# 426859#   
Or Audio on the web...

Come On and Join Ann Moses!
What do you have to lose? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feeder Matrix-XPress

Road To Freedom


 Are you ready to be on the road to FREEDOM?

Feeder Matrix is the ticket to freedom. It is designed to change the lives of everyday people in a HUGE and POWERFUL way!

With the low start up cost of JUST $1.75 you can get it back over and over again direct into your PayPal account or Solid Trust Pay 

There are more facts to know about Feeder Matrix. The simplicity is a no BRAINER!
Here are some key points to know:
Check the Alexa Rankings (Alexa.com)
  • Been Established since 2011
  • No Admin Fee
  • No website Fee
  • No auto ship
 The ease of earning real money from your home without passing out a business card, flyer, or not having a printing expense is the reality of it all. YES, it is true you can make money while you sleep! It all starts with $1.75 that's all!
  Your freedom with Feeder Matrix can happen for you quicker than you think. LITERALLY! Like 24 hours!
My Call to Action!
Simply Join, Invite, and Receive Cash!
 Go Here to JOIN

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment, question at the bottom of this post. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Network Marketing-Feeder Matrix works!

When you have been in online network marketing programs one after another, and have not seen any results. You start to think that nothing works!

There is hope for you as a network marketer building an online business.

The name of the the opportunity is Feeder Matrix. It has a ridiculously INSANE price tag to start of just $1.75! Yes, $1.75 This is exactly what I said!

 It is a 4x4 Matrix

All you need is $1.75 out of your pocket and to invite four selective partners that you want to be in business with. They will each pay $1.75 to join you. Then open a PayPal and Solid Trust Accounts.

There are eight tiers. With each tier, your purchase buys you various "how to" ebooks that you can market with any other network marketing business you are doing. They can be downloaded and you can read them at your leisure.

You need to know what Feeder Matrix is NOT:

  1. This is Not a Pyramid Scheme
  2. This is Not a a Get Rich Quick
  3. There is No Monthly website fee
  4. There is No Monthly Auto Ship
  5. This is Not a Money Game
  6. This is Not MLM
  7. This is not Magic
  8. There is No Shipping of products
  9. There is  No Stamps to buy
  10. There is No Post Office Drives
Now you need to know what to do?

What to do Right After Joining Feeder Matrix


  1. Create a Gmail account (Go to Gmail.com) This is the only email account that is accepted by Feeder Matrix. All other email accounts such as: Yahoo, aol, comcast, hotmail, or any others are NOT accepted.
  2.  Install the FireFox browser. (Download it Free)  Internet Explore is NOT a good browser to use with the Feeder Matrix System. Too many problems have occurred with sign-ups.
  3. Create a PayPal and Solid Trust Accounts. (Google them)
Step-By-Step  How To Turn $1.75 To $100k in 60-120 Days (Must Hear this)

Getting Started

  1. Create a PayPal  and Solid Trust Pay Accounts. Choose the instant confirmation option, where available.
  2. Register on  http://power2wealth1.com  (Click Join)
  3. Create your username ID and password. (When creating a username use ALL lower case letters ONLY, no spaces, special characters, and make it short and simple to remember.)
  4.  Enter your inviter referral link into the inviter box.(If you are not sure call the person who invited you to sign up with.
  5. When you register you are on Tier 1. Level 0. Then click on the upgrade button to go to level 1. Follow ALL of the step-by-step instructions.
  6.  In your Members Area under user TOOLS click the payment settings and add your PayPal and Solid Trust information.
  7. Follow the steps through to the END.
  8. Send this information out to everyone you know. Although be selective as to who you want to be in business with.
Something to remember:


You are not in the begging business. Also there is NO need to convince anyone.

It is your accountant and GPS, guiding you to achieve your goals in a strategic manner. You are in full control of your money through PayPal and Solid Trust Pay.

This is REAL and is Proven to WORK!

I would love to read and hear from you. Leave your comments below this post.

Contact me:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Network Marketing-Attention College Students


Making the decision to go to college is a HUGE undertaking. With strong hopes of being able to get a job in the field that you have chose. 

However, it is a very hard struggle to keep money in your pocket to do the things that you want to do that are just simple things.

 Much less leaving the burden on your parents who are footing the bill on everything that goes with your college expenses.Consider building your own network marketing business to turn everything around.

There is REAL hope for you to have what you have always wanted. 
Earn your own CASH and take the stress off of your parents.

This is what you can have!!

Turn $1.75 to 100K in 6months to a year!

7 Min. Video Explaining The Program

Watch this 7 minute this Video

Getting started with your network marketing business couldn't be any easier!

Leave a comment below this post and let me know what you think of the video. All comments are welcomed.

You Can Do This!
Contact me anytime: 313-288-8115
Email: power2wealth2@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Team Activity-Is your team moving?

My Organization
My Down Line

Leadership is so important in building a team. Your team looks for your leader to have many qualities that will make a great impact as to whether or not if he/she can help you be successful with your  dream. Giving you the skills, training and education that you need to succeed.

Team building does require management of personalities and egos along with the constant demand of attention and recognition--which is not always warranted.

The amount of team activity can come from how strong of a leader you have on board. This will determine if your team is moving towards the ultimate goal that your organization/program has to offer.

I am going to bring to your attention of a HOT program where the team activity is moving! The name of the program is called Feeder Matrix. Have you heard of it? Let me tell you a little bit about it.

 This system has a $1.75 one-time cost.  Each person has a limited number of people on their direct down line.  What's awesome is that you get help growing your business faster by getting spillovers.  Now you still have to work your business, but the spillovers will assist you and others on your team!


  • You register for FREE
  • After registration, we recommend you to UPGRADE to Level 1 for a one-time   fee of $1.75 which you become ACTIVE to start accepting money and building your business.
  • You receive your personal promoting link.
  • You receive your downloadable products (to help you grow your business).
  • Great support from our Facebook group
100% of the profits to keep for yourself, delivered straight into your Payza,  Paypal or Solid Trust Pay accounts.

A completely automated system that processes your orders for you.

The ability to generate huge profits by investing a ridiculous small amount.

Everything is taken care of for you and all you need to do is promote your site.
Promo material that makes it as simple as cut and paste.

We handle everything, so you can rest assured that you get your money.

Now that you have the basics of what Feeder Matrix is all about get ready to JOIN get your team activity to move. Remember after your registration pay $1.75 to become active. Click the LINK TO GET STARTED below and you are all set.

 Thank you for visiting!

Leave any questions or comments below this post. They are all welcomed!

Ann Moses


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