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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Social Media Marketing-Do you know what NOT to do?

There are a number of social media networking sites. They all require to be used in different ways. You can get educated on a lot of the what to do on social media sites like Facebook,Twitter, Google+, and more. The purpose of having a social media site is for you to connect with people in your market. However, when it is not used in the correct way it can be dangerous.

There are some strong concerns that you need to know of what not to do when displaying yourself on social media in order to do you social media marketing correctly.

Here is a brief description of what NOT to do:

  1. Don't write boring post. Make your post uplifting and encouraging. Give your readers something to smile about.
  2.  Do Not disrespect others. Saying unkind words in your reply's, comments of a post is something doesn't make the author feel good about what was written. You also don't want to be insulting and raising your voice in typing your words.
  3. Do Not neglect sharing and caring for others. It all comes down to your reputation as to what people know you for. Example: Jane always promotes others post to let everyone know what's going on. You will always want to highlight others for their excellent qualities, character and integrity.
  4. Do Not ignore comments. You don't ever want people to think that you are ignoring them in a conversation.If you start a conversation you have to actively monitor the conversation with replying to questions, concerns.
The above tips are ones to take serious. It is unfortunate that once you start building your reputation and build countless followers there are users that will throw stones at you. But the worse thing you could do is to retaliate in the public.Take the simple step to delete the comment and block the user from posting to your site. You can take it a step further by banning the user. They will not be able to be apart of your network in the future.

Get on the right track to doing your social media marketing!

I hope these tips have been helpful.

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Ann Moses

 © 12-13-2012 Ann Moses



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